• Acquiring French language skills by future engineers in industrial design mainly aims at enhancing relevant information, research and communication abilities, according to CCR, A2/B2 levels. In the first years students will be able to:

    - Identify and correctly use, in the context of verbal and written communication, vocabulary and grammar items of Technical French;

    - Use language skills for personal development and for a better social and professional integration;

    - To engage themselves in a self-learning and self-assessment process of acquiring French.

    Course objectives include:                 

    - Knowledge and proper use of appropriate language skills of A2/B2 levels, specialized terminology, grammatical peculiarities and language specific to the profession;

     - Documentation learning ability in specialized foreign literature;

    - Acquiring oral communication skills on specialized topics;

    - Written communication skills (writing CVs, cover letters, letters of recommendation, etc).

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