•  Mechanical Engineering - part I course presents, to the limited extent of discipline curriculum, in a systematic and concise way theoretical and practical issues relating to the design and execution of main mechanical structures and their components with specific references to examples concerning the operation and construction machinery, mechanical devices and specific aggregates for textile industry.

    Mechanical Engineering - part I discipline is the first highly general technical discipline that teaches students from the Faculty of Textiles, Leather and Industrial Management, serving to determine the coordinates of modern engineering thinking, logic-based technique and adaptability, imagination and inventiveness. Mechanical Engineering - part I course for industrial textile engineer students is presented systematically and succinctly and limited to scale of the discipline curriculum and it is focused on theoretical and practical issues regarding the design, implementation and exploitation of mechanical systems inside the textile devices such as machines, appliances, and installations.

    Concerning the theory of mechanisms, the course develops the knowledge for mechanical devices found in textile equipment structures placing emphasis on the elucidation of problems of analysis and synthesis of kinematic mechanisms with levers and cams. There are also review the mechanisms with intermittent motion, locking mechanisms, mechanisms with logical mechanical elements, mechanisms for industrial robots and manipulators, highlighting the functions of these mechanisms: tuning, control, propagation of signals in discrete or continuous devices.

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