Basics of Industrial Design I
(Basics of Industrial Design I)

 Any textile surface obtained by an industrial method incorporates a design process and a visual shape as a result of the laws of composition for the repeating patterns.

The course introduces the elements and principles of textile design and illustrates how to use these basic concepts to recognize and generate a “good design”, regardless of manufacturing technology for the textile surface. In the repeating patterns, the elements of textile design mean “what” to use and the principles of design explain “how” to apply and organize these items in a textile surface, together or separately, and what type of relationship can be established between elements. The visual reading of these elements and principles of design is made from the perspective of repeating patterns for textile surfaces, such as printed, knitted and woven fabrics, embroideries, passementerie, nonwovens etc.

The course helps students to train their skills and abilities necessary to design textile surfaces in terms of repeating patterns, but in connection with the structural design.